Making Young People a Priority in the society

Every young person deserves to be heard. They are equal members of the society. They need be included in decision making as they represent the future of any society.
It is my desire that every young person from age 16 upwards should be eligible to vote and be included in decisions concerning them; this is also an act of democracy.
Ways of increasing participation of young people in the society are:

  1. They should have greater involvement in decision making, particularly in matters concerning them.
  2. Young people and children should be able to express their views, opinions and concerns.
  3. Youth work organization should be provided with adequate funding.
  4. Youth council should bring together other groups representing children and young people.
  5. Young people should support the municipality in making participatory budgeting experiments permanent.
  6. Channels for communicating with young people should include youth councils, collaborative projects, activism digital participation and deliberative projects.
  7. Digital empowerment should be supported for young people